Visakha Orators club provides a supportive and friendly environment where members can learn and practice the basic skills of public speaking and leadership. At the club you will find not only a welcoming atmosphere that encourages practice, but you will also be part of a community that will help you with your projects, share experience and provide valuable feedback on the ways you can improve. You may also find a mentor who will guide you as you progress throughout the first projects of the basic path.

At the club, there are no “experts” or “teachers” – everyone is there for their own learning process, everyone has something to learn and to improve, everyone is your peer and your equal.

You can view clubs as a “sandbox” where you can get learn to control your nervousness, stage fright or a place where to overcome your shyness. Many people also use clubs to practice specialty speeches that they need to give elsewhere – from toast speeches to best man speeches, from normal meeting presentations to keynote speeches at conferences.

At Visakha Orators you will:
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Learn to move people to action, and lead small and big teams
  • Increase your self confidence, your assertiveness and ability to defend your interests
  • Defend your viewpoints and principles
  • Become a better and more empathic listener
  • Be able to deliver great presentations in all sorts of contexts
  • Learn to deal with failures during speeches
  • Learn to use stories, anecdotes, emotion and humour in your speeches
  • Learn to think faster and improvise when things don’t come as expected
  • Become a member of a wonderful worldwide community
  • Leave a lasting positive impact in your community and in the world at large.